Thursday, 27 December 2012

Rap - The Endangered Genre

Me :               I like Rap
Teacher :        How could you? ,you soulless creature!
Me :               What!? Whats wrong with liking Eminem?
Teacher :        wait... never mind

Well obviously she misheard me but yes that's my story. I'm writing this because if I wrote about the actual type of music I listen to, I'd sound like a hopeless romantic ;)

Rap is the genre of music in which words are spoken rather than being sung and usually in a fast rhythm. Hence the voice doesn't matter... Unless you're this guy

If you dont know him, believe me you're lucky. He sounds worse than Justin Bieber and One Direction combined. His voice resembles my grandmother's broken massager ...... Yes I know rap is not about the voice but what he 'spits' is the reason rap has lost its meaning.

Everybody loves Eminem and i'm sure you do too, and that's for two main reasons

  1. He share's the same name with a candy. Lol cm'aan everybody loves to eat, right?

    2. and

I know... my reason are not enough. Nobody can love him for only these two reasons. Well I have dozens more. The truth is he doesn't rap about stuff like 'money, women or drugs' unlike other rappers, he raps about life. To be honest his songs are a source of motivation for me

   If you're a 90's kid I'm sure you'll recognize him

Yes, that's the one and only Tupac. If you don't know him then idk kill yourself maybe?
He died back in 1996 and is still remembered by his fans. Ya know why? because his lyrics had a meaning. they touched the soul ( unless you're a jk)

Rappers these days are overrated, wearing skinny jeans and shit as if they took the phrase 'get into a girls pant's the wrong way. The only thing they rap about now is 'Hoes and Cocaine'. Like seriously?, of this whole words of meaningful thins you chose women and drugs?. A standing ovation for you guys
Check it out for yourself

When I first heard em' I was like.....

Just have a look at Rappers then and now.. 


I hope you can spot the difference now ;)
-No offence to anybody but this is just what I think :)


  1. Awesome! Hahaha it's funny yet to the point :)

  2. Rap is amazing. It's my favourite genre. Obviously, Tupac and Eminem are practically legendary. Their rap is worth listening to because it's deep, holds meaning, is socially relevant and displays what goes on in their genius minds (in Tupac's case, what went on).
    Rap artists of today just cuss because they have absolutely nothing else to talk about. That being said, I still enjoy mainstream rap, because even though it's not even half as good as Tupac and Eminem, it's still catchy and fun. I absolutely adore Drake, he's my favourite rap artist ever!

    1. Word, Fareeha!. I respect your point of view but I think mainstream rap is just good for parties and stuff probably because no one cares about the lyrics. They just like the 'beats', and that my friend.. is sad #OldSchoolRapFTW