Thursday, 12 September 2013

Football..wait,no, I mean, soccer.


Yup. Pretty much sums up with what I had to adjust to when I got here. Ironic how it's called 'Football' in the rest of the world yet still I'm developing a habit of calling it 'soccer' because, well, I'm here.(I'm just kidding)
Now bare in mind that I'm not complaining and keep up with me. Things are different here. It's not what it's like 'back there' in Pakistan (Back at ma' crib). You can't expect others to change themselves for you. It's you who's changing here. Ever seen a majority fall down to the minority, eh? What's that, no? Aha you got that right. 

You don't know how embarrassing it is when you ask someone what time's training, just like back in Pakistan, and they're like, 'What?....Practice?". Yes. Practice. You don't have words to describe on how bad you feel for yourself, regardless of the fact that you went last night to bed memorizing different euphemisms and terms which substitute the exact equivalent in Pakistan.
"I play Football and yeah, I think I'm pretty good at it" - "Well, then why did you join the soccer team?." Well, crap. You did it again. It's soccer, NOT football. In other words, it's what you would call 'Rugby' back in Pakistan.
Over the past week, I (think) might have realized what it feels like to be a High School Student (Not like what it's in the TV. Take my word for it. Please). You know that feeling you get when you fascinate yourself being the protagonist, or maybe sometime's just trying to fathom the vibrant atmosphere around him, in a teen movie and when he get's all the attention? Well, it's not like that. Nobody cares who you are (Unless you're 6 feet tall. Then everyone's gonna come up to you and ask basketball related stuff). 
Being an exchange student from "Pauuykistaan", I find High School quite fun, though (Ignore what I mentioned above). Everything is so...clean (Don't be surprised hearing that from a Pakistani). Plus, everything is just so scheduled as if all of it is coming off a movie script (And I'm the hero. Lol.)

Nevertheless, forget the gibberish leprechaun chants I mentioned above. My exchange year, so far, has been great. I'm loving it here. Plus, subjects like photography and studio Art are something I'm so going to brag about once I get back to Pakistan.
Just so you know (Not bragging), I'm in the varsity soccer team and just won my first tournament with Hornell High. 

  (Great people, I tell you.) (And, oh, I'm the one in the black sweatshirt)

Well, pretty much what I felt like saying, or typing, or maybe blogging. Yeah, that's it (I'm kidding, I have way too much to say but this schedule won't let me sit in front of a laptop for more than 15 minutes)

For now, adios.

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