Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Brain vs. Brawn

The other day I had to write a speech for a sixth grader for this competition of her's. So... I thought I'd just put it up as well. It's a free country right? :p

Brain vs. Brawn 

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will…” quoted Gandhi and clearly elaborates the gist of my speech.
I, myself, personally believe that ‘brains’ overcome ‘brawn’.  To clarify why I believe so, I’ll give a few historical references to elaborate my decision.
What was it that killed Goliath? Strength? Muscle? NO! More importantly, the person who killed him was not even a proper soldier. It was young David himself. Goliath, a huge and experienced warrior, faced by a man in his early youth. But what exactly did he do? He just used his slingshot and aimed at Goliath’s forehead and at that moment, that clever idea just killed a strong, well-built man.

                                           (As Goliath stands for combat against young David)

What was it that led the Muslims to overcome the Romans in the battle of Mutah? 3000 Muslims at that event faced around a force of 200000(2 lakh) Romans but still oppressed their attacks. This was due to Hazrat Khalid’s great tactics, which still lay unparallel to any call by a commander in history, and, hence proved mighty for the Muslims.
The mentioned references clearly show how brains overcame brawls.
 To survive in this modern world, one must use intelligence rather than force to overcome anything or be successful, hence educational institutions. We no longer live in the Stone Age or the Byzantine Empire where only the strongest survive. Instead, here we are, where for one, intelligence is key. It helps one in all aspects of life.
Let’s take a scenario where this is more applicable. For example. Imagine opening a bottle of coke with your bare hands. I’m sure you’ll probably hurt yourself but would not be able to open it. Whereas try opening it with a bottle-opener, and in a matter of seconds you’ll be enjoying a cool drink. Hence, once again, brains overcome brawn.

Concluding in the end, I believe that the application of brawn is nowhere near to that of brains. For brawl may help you win a fight, but brain might help you win a fight without actually fighting.

Poetry for thought


A love story

Turtle doves up in the sky
Watch them fly and wonder why?
Why is this (world) such a lonely place?
People killed, left no trace
What am I doing sitting here?
While I kill myself in this despair
I shall forget my past and try to move on
Remember nothing ever happened, everything is gone
I went home rushing excitement within
A new bright life I shall begin
I will find someone who'll fill my shopping cart
That someone will be my sweetheart
I started my quest to find true love
My favorite bird, the turtle dove
God’s own beauty, His own gift
Flying over me, one great swift
Then I met one man who looked pretty sad
I asked him 'what made his life so bad?'
'Love' he yelled trying not to cry
With a shocked expression I said 'oh my...
What happened dear sir, what’s wrong?'
Replied 'wander off little boy it’s pretty long'
I held his hand and took him to a seat
He started his own story with his own beats
“I met her in grade eighth
We had the same class and studied late
Physics used to be her favorite subject
I had to take a chance, I couldn't reject
We were at the physics labs where I grabbed her hand
Whispered in her ear 'can I be your man?'
She did nothing and silent she remained
A buzz of thunder and it started to rain
She started to smile and stare into my eyes
And said
'From now on no more lies
Of the eight billion people in this world
Can I be you only girl?'
It was getting late and the clock ticked seven
My life just turned into an earthly heaven
I looked up to her and she started to blush
And told her she was my only crush
In grade tenth I joined the football team
She said
'You can be the best, you can!'
She was my number 1, only fan
We joined the same college and studied more
And smiled when we talked about what happened before
On 24 marches, we went out together
I told her I’ll be there for her forever
As we stood in front of the open sea
I popped the question 'babe will you marry me?'
Yes she said and I rejoiced
I wanted the world to hear my voice
Years went great after our marriage
Everything was going just fine
I always tried to impress her
And she would smile and say 'Stop trying'
Our life was full of joy and laughter
I promised I’d love her happily ever after
Then one day we went to the doctor
He told us to go and buy new toys
And smiled at us and said
You're going to have a baby boy
I was so happy I yelled 'Doc, are you serious?!'
He replied 'more serious than the big bang theory was'
I couldn't control my emotions I started to cry
My wife came near and whispered
‘From your life's dictionary, delete the word sad
You will make a great dad'
I smiled up to her and replied
‘You’re the best in the world, there is no other
I bet you'll make a wonderful mother'
We had a little boy with beautiful eyes
That were just like the great blue sky
He would cry and laugh whenever he want
and probably didn't like his aunt
Because she always watched two and a half men
While he wanted to watch Ben 10
Then one day something really terrible happened to us
We were travelling on a bus
I told him to cry not
Then I started hearing gunshots
With dreadful noise my ears were filling
People were engaged in target killing
I don't remember what happened then
I woke up on a stretcher with my wife in my hands
My little boy I could not find
I was completely out of my mind
'Where is he?!?' I yelled at the nurse
She took out a picture from her purse
'Is this your little boy?'
'YES!' I replied with rage
She whispered in my ear and I was in bound
My little boy could not be found
Then my wife woke up with many fractured bones
I could feel her soul turn into stone
Then I saw her take her last breath
She was, now, in the custody of death
I couldn't believe what I saw or hear
My faith in life started to disappear
I rushed to the doctor and 'asked what happened?'
He said 'many lives had been blackened
You’re lucky enough to survive

You’re the only one from that bus who's alive'