Sunday, 3 November 2013

When teenagers rebel.

An issue in my country which I find too crucial to be left untouched is racism. Pakistan constitutes of four major provinces, the natives of each having different ethnic background and hence, are bound to have different complexions, accents and way of life. Though a difference, or diversity, is good, it, over the past few years has lead to inevitable violence. Why? Racism. 
Majority in most of the cases, regardless of the race, oppress the minority which nowadays is apparent in educational institutions where the minority is often bullied. Other than that, people also tend  to live by stereotypes and find sheer pleasure in degrading the ridiculed race. This is something which makes me sad and is not what the the founder of Pakistan, Mohammad Ali Jinnah fought for day and night. 
Over the past few years, racism has been on its peak and there have been numerous occasions which has lead to the death of many innocents. The Pathans, who are said to be the descendants of the army of Alexander the Great and indigenous to the north, often indulge in war with the Baloch, who inhabit the south west and are the descendants of the Arabs and Africans who migrated to the Subcontinent, over petty issues of just 'hate'.  

If racism doesn't stop, it is inevitable that it be adapted by the new generation which is likely to have a reverse effect on the economy of Pakistan.  If that happens, then after sixty years when I sit in the balcony next to my grandson and when he asks me about how our country, OUR Pakistan was back in my days , would I just reply with, "Not as much racist as it is today"?
 I often contemplate over the matter and devise literal plans on how to work for the betterment of my country, and to raise it to the likes of Great nations like Japan and USA but often end up dumbfounded on this question, "How shall a country compete with other nations in the world if it's busy fighting off with those who inhabit it?

I, as and individual and with my group of YES candidates, want to bring this predicament to an end. Racism on the basis of accents, complexion and sometimes even religion won't get us anywhere, we preach. We aim to invigorate a sense of brotherhood in my people, my fellow Pakistanis, bearing in mind the teaching of Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and Gandhi, that whatever God we believe in, we come from the same one. That an eye for an eye would end up making the world blind. That the person next to you, regardless of his race, bleeds no less than you. That the person next to you feels no less pain than you. That treat the person next to you, regardless of his/her social status not as an inferior/superior race, but as a human being. Treat him as you want to be treated. 

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