Wednesday, 17 July 2013

I was buried alive..

Death was always said to be a spiritual occurrence. For me, it was exception. I was buried alive..

I forced open my eyelids to realize they were already open and it was my conscious that had flickered to life. An unsettling aroma of Gardenia filled the air. I used to adore the scent of it. Now, I can't think of anything more dreading as I lay here motionless, other than this very flower. I hear everyone, overwhelmed with grief. I watch, as people come and scrutinize my austere visage. Everyone passing right by my side exchanging deep sympathetic looks at my still silhouette and passed on, except those who were the dearest, to whom the whole event seemed incredulous  As Grandma made her way through the bunch, she couldn't hold it in any longer. She fell on the still body and hugged it in desperation shouting chants and cursing Mother Nature for Her cruel ways. In the distance, a young brother unable to fathom what was happening before his eyes, eyed the dead body of his Older Brother as he laid still on the bed, on which they used to build pillow castles together. On the other corner of the bed, a mother who had lost her child, sat weeping in her husband's arms while the man tried his utmost not to break into tears and that he was strong enough. 
An aura of foreboding prevailed the room as the deafening noise of my family crying slowly vanished and everyone came up with the conclusion that the body was to be buried. 
 But I was alive. 
Dad strolled off towards the balcony , slowly getting a hold of the bitter truth that his son was no more and clutched his phone tight in his left hand and started dialing a number, one digit at a time. 
The next thing I wake up to is an awkward silence in the distance which I'm unfamiliar with. I was still motionless and surrounded by faces I've grown up with. Just then, I find a lanky man with four acquaintances, striding their way into the room I was in. I winced as my eyes landed on what they were carrying on their backs.
A coffin.
I faintly recall it being of light wood with a flower carved onto its lid, which depicted in me a sense that nature had sent me, and I was returning back to it.
Everything blackened.
I sensed movement and just then, I realized I was in the coffin, which a moment back reminded me of my mortality. For it wasn't the insecurity of being a mortal, I wouldn't have achieved what I have till now. 
The rhythm of the steps wasn't at all symmetrical and reminded me of the humpy camel rides over at the beach. Good times..
Next thing I know, my Dad was staring into my soul. The isolated aura of the vicinity aroused my deepest fear. I was in a graveyard. A tear rolled down his cheek as he covered my head with a piece of cloth for the very last time. At the distance, Little Brother could still not grip the fact that Big Brother would no longer be there to play football with him anymore.
All of a sudden, the coffin lid closed with a thud and everything darkened except for a small ray of light that struggled its way through a small hole and clearly showed that the termites have been having quite a munch lately. 
The very next moment, I'm yelling. I'm alive.
I was being lowered into the grave where my sins manifested themselves into earthly vermins waiting to feast on my flesh. I feel nauseated, which convinced me I was still alive  And then I'm yelling again out of desperation.
I start hearing footsteps, which sadly, were fading away. I wasn't totally convinced that I was alone in a grave. I was being welcomed by vermins, my flesh a delicacy. 
What I feared all my life, now dominated me. Insects with more than 3 pair of legs. They scared the daylights out of me back when I was a toddler and they still do now to this day. They were crawling all over me and one even managed to penetrate into my flesh and find its way into my interior muscular wall. An all-you-can-eat buffet. I scream with all my might but to no avail. Suddenly, I feel something in my throat. I feel excruciating pain all over my body, especially my trachea, as if somebody's choking me with a barbed wire. Then a thought occurred. The vermins were now feeding on my throat and considering the fact that I won't be able to yell or scream anymore left me in an eerie state of enigma. 
I keep on yelling
but still to no avail..


  1. Perfect. keep it up :D

  2. Oh wow, this was brilliantly written. You're very talented!

  3. Woah. It's all very well written and the descriptions are all so accurate I have no trouble picturing it and basically it's just downright amazing.

  4. This is beautiful. Stunning, actually. I couldn't even get my grammar right when I was your age. I am so glad you jotted down all your incoherent thoughts into this smooth, beautiful write-up.
    Just try to update soon, okay? You are wonderful and I might get some inspiration.

    1. Will do. Thank you, Anas. You the best! :D

  5. This is absolutely awesome, Hamza. I see how the theme, idea and imagery is twisted. And from a person like you, at this age, it is really a very strong and potent theme to have executed. Absolutely commenadble.

  6. You did great.

    [comment karna mera farz tha.]

  7. Nicely written. Keep up the good work :)