Friday, 11 October 2013


2011, I recall, December (Not quite sure about the date but I was a bit excited for new year's eve) there was a lot of fuss in school what everyone else would be doing for their vacations. I, with nothing to brag about, sat in the corner, alone, romanticizing with my own isolation. The last school day before the winter vacations, I, being the lazy guy that I am, put a strap of my bag on, and as the bell rang, set off to my home. The bus driver usually dropped me off at a distance of 500 meters from my place and I would head back at such a pace which made it quite apparent I would take pride in coming third in the rabbit-tortoise race. I, finally somehow, got home, went in, exhausted and took my shirt off. Laying on the bed half-naked and shaking my body symmetrically in accordance with the beats of the music I had on, I was held back to find a kitten sniffing about my foot. I was freaked out but over time, I ended up falling in love with her. I, for some incoherent reason, ended up labeling her as 'Jojo'.

Ah, yes. I was going through this magazine the other day and saw this poster of this young girl, sadly older than me, who went by the same name.

Jojo was an enthusiastic and cuddle-craving cat who enjoyed having processed food and loathed live meat giving a bad name to her cousins in the wild. Physically, she grew up to be quite big. Black, with orange patches on her back and white fur underneath her chin, she stood unparallel to my neighbor's Persian cat. As for her specie, I was always quite uncertain. The previous owner told me that her mom were Persian and her dad were Himalayan. A cross breed. A beautiful one, nevertheless. 

Jojo was always a playful cat. Since the day she arrived to the day we had to, for the sake of my grandma's allergy, give her away, other than sleeping and eating she was always messing around with the other pets. She often ran by the water pond and just stared at the fish and would often get lucky as for the turtles curiosity when it used to pop its head out of the water and she would give it a pat. Other than that, on numerous occasions, I've seen her trying to chase her shadow, but not in the carnivore stance, but in a Hey-I-can-watch-you way.

Jojo, I noticed over time seldom fought with any of the stray cat be it an issue over food or territory. She just used to purr but never attack. Being an epitome of a cat's health weighing out at five kilograms, she never fought back (Lucky stray cats). She just used to sit back, watch the other cat get done with whatever they were doing, and move on with her life. Her peaceful nature I often categorize as a miracle for a carnivore of such caliber. 

Jojo's nature has been one which everyone praised. Those who feared cats often ended up patting her. Though she's been gone for a while, the name 'Jojo' still depicts in me a picture of a black cat sitting next to a pond not for the sake of catching it, but just for the God-knows what enjoyment she got off of it.