Friday, 2 August 2013

A walk in my backyard.

Within a radius of five miles, there is no sign of human life, except for I. But that's where it gets fun..

You see, I live in a trailer neighboring the woods. And thanks to the deserted perimeter of this region I can live in harmony with what nature has to offer best and what I like to call, "My backyard".
Day and night, nature speaks to me in many different languages. The tranquilizing whisper of the swaying leaves as the wind whistles by greeting the canopies. The birds in a distance chirping different melodies which's deafening but pleasant orchestra corroborates "Size doesn't matter". The humming of the humming birds as they feast on which nectar nature offers them best in an abundant amount, all in mid-air.

I step out from the trailer and go for a stroll in my 'backyard' and as usual come up with one conclusion. God Himself emblazoned a glimpse of His beauty into his creatures. I step out of the door in which I've killed my days in seclusion. As I do, sun rays strike upon my frail silhouette as if penetrating into my skin, creating and bringing forth a invigorating sensation within me.
What lies before me, is something that leaves oneself contemplating over the heaven-like grandeur spread over the horizon which triggers an exhilarating hormone in oneself if kept staring for long.
I admire mother nature and its ineffable ways.
In every direction, I see trees ascending towards the heavens at a such magnificent height (Or maybe I'm just short). One could barely conclude if it were more of a vertical marathon for the primates that live up in the canopy layer. I proceed into the woods. My eyes land on an austere piece of land in the distance illuminated by sun rays struggling their way from the dense forest cover to the ground. All of a sudden, a male deer, with antlers longer than a bat, came out of nowhere and parades in the scenario just like in the movies, head-up, stride with pride. You might wonder, "How come he gets to see the dear?". Well, as I said, people don't come here very often and luckily, the flora and fauna of the vicinity has made itself familiar to my presence.

I proceed more deep into the woods in the direction of a lake. Robust branches with diameters exceeding that of a virtual hug by myself surround me. I go on. An aura of satisfaction and serenity prevail over me as I advance and throw random glimpses at a plethora of wild flowers whom's diversity of colors reflect life itself.
Then, I hear it. 
Just ahead, I raise my head to find birds circling ahead. I was almost there. The aroma of fresh water invigorate a sense of nature's purity and reminded me of my days in Navy.
Moving on, I make my way through an old path made for tourist but none has ever come but I. I struggle my way through the thorns and bushes that have grown by the time functioning as a mini-barricade. I manage to lacerate my ankle as well but that is redeemable for the beauty that lies ahead. I make way and then pause.
There it is..
Before me lies a shimmering body of water which hosts more species of dinner (I mean fish) than I could fathom. I take a deep breath and literally feel the fresh scent of water going up my nostrils into my lungs. Never in my life have I felt this way, this good, this full of energy, jovial, genial (I say this every time I come here). I look into what nature has offered me best in the blink of an eye and let out a sigh of gratitude. I close my eyes and embrace my surrounding mentally and whisper under my breath with a smile, 
"Life is beautiful" 


  1. Raahat Zafar Dar2 August 2013 at 14:26

    I just read one of the most adorable blogs ever or dare I say, it's the best one. I'm totally stunned the way it is written; loved it word to word, every single line of it. Awesome job, buddy!

  2. Hamza! This is wonderful. I envy your grasp on fiction. If only I could write as well as you when it comes to make-believe! *sigh*

    You've got such a vast vocabulary. (Ineffable? Austere? I would never find a way to fit those words in any piece I ever wrote.) SO GOOD! I also like how you vividly described the surroundings and the entire scene. I could imagine the entire thing.


    1. Thank you, Fareeha. Means alot coming from you. I will try my utmost to come up with something equally good. Till that, cheers, and prosper! :)