Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Brain vs. Brawn

The other day I had to write a speech for a sixth grader for this competition of her's. So... I thought I'd just put it up as well. It's a free country right? :p

Brain vs. Brawn 

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will…” quoted Gandhi and clearly elaborates the gist of my speech.
I, myself, personally believe that ‘brains’ overcome ‘brawn’.  To clarify why I believe so, I’ll give a few historical references to elaborate my decision.
What was it that killed Goliath? Strength? Muscle? NO! More importantly, the person who killed him was not even a proper soldier. It was young David himself. Goliath, a huge and experienced warrior, faced by a man in his early youth. But what exactly did he do? He just used his slingshot and aimed at Goliath’s forehead and at that moment, that clever idea just killed a strong, well-built man.

                                           (As Goliath stands for combat against young David)

What was it that led the Muslims to overcome the Romans in the battle of Mutah? 3000 Muslims at that event faced around a force of 200000(2 lakh) Romans but still oppressed their attacks. This was due to Hazrat Khalid’s great tactics, which still lay unparallel to any call by a commander in history, and, hence proved mighty for the Muslims.
The mentioned references clearly show how brains overcame brawls.
 To survive in this modern world, one must use intelligence rather than force to overcome anything or be successful, hence educational institutions. We no longer live in the Stone Age or the Byzantine Empire where only the strongest survive. Instead, here we are, where for one, intelligence is key. It helps one in all aspects of life.
Let’s take a scenario where this is more applicable. For example. Imagine opening a bottle of coke with your bare hands. I’m sure you’ll probably hurt yourself but would not be able to open it. Whereas try opening it with a bottle-opener, and in a matter of seconds you’ll be enjoying a cool drink. Hence, once again, brains overcome brawn.

Concluding in the end, I believe that the application of brawn is nowhere near to that of brains. For brawl may help you win a fight, but brain might help you win a fight without actually fighting.

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