Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Inevitably changing.

'Be the change you wish to see in the world' 
- Gandhi 

Growing up in a city engulfed by terror and a hypocritical title of 'The City of Light', Gandhi's words were what I grew up listening to. 

The transitional period from that to my arrival to the United States introduced me to YouTube (YouTube was banned in Pakistan on 22 February, 2008, following the controversy over the video which is said to depict the Prophet in a lewd manner. The ban was lifted and put again a couple of times and was blocked permanently after September, 2012). 

Familiarizing myself with YouTube after five years was an obstacle I had to overcome to blend in with the society bearing in mind how the latest trends/Viral videos thrive on this video-sharing website. 
The spectrum of channels I came across while YouTube-ing(?) ranged from 'How-to..' to 'Funny cat dance' and other irrelevant stuff whose comment sections were stormed with lifeless 'lol(s)'. 
Somewhere in the mist of this website, I came across FouseyTube

If you don't know him, other than having my sympathies, there's a couple of other things I would like to enlighten you with.

Yousef Erakat is a YouTuber (If that's a word) who currently resides in Los Angeles. 
My teacher used to say a good sense of humor and personality compliment each other and apparently, Yousef has mastered this notion. Other than making funny videos, he is in a constant struggle to play his part in making the world a better place. His experiments such as that on bullying and how the public would respond to such a scenario have served as an eye-opener to whoever has access to his channel .
Needless to say, Yousef is doing his part right. 
His channel opened my eyes, and I bet it will open yours, too.